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Madagascar Must do

Yes, it's hard to stop kitesurfing when the wind is so good, but your body and soul will thank you for taking a break and exploring beautiful Madagascar. Below is a selection of our favourites.

Ask at the reception and our friendly staff will be happy to help organise the trip for you.

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eat, sleep




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suarez island

Day trip. Book it one day in advance.

A day visit to the Emerald Sea, the beautiful Suarez Island, and the Pool. The price includes transport and one meal on Suarez Island.

A car will pick you up from Sakalava Bay at about 7AM and take you to Ramena Village (20 min) where you'll embark on a traditional sailing boat which will take you to Suarez Island.

Not ready to have a break? You can do a downwinder as part of the trip!

Boat leaves at 3PM but we can arrange an overnight stay for you if you'd like to stay longer. 

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Analamerana national park


Half Day trip from Diego or KiteParadise.

This unique scenery is located at the edge of Analamerana national park, 65 km from Diego Suarez. A 4WD or a quad will bring you to see the iconic formation.

The Tsingy Rouge (Red Tsingy) is a stone formation of red laterite formed by erosion of the Irodo River. It was not before the middle of the 20th century when these sandstone needles were discovered: Due to area-covering slash and burn agriculture, landslides and erosions changed the face of the earth and brought the red Tsingys to the surface. Since the Tsingys are made of sandstone, they have been and will be eroded by weather and time.

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discover nature


Full Day Trip form Diego or KiteParadise.

Amber Mountain’s National Park is a volcanic and mountainous region, a wildlife and flora oasis in Northern Madagascar. Pick up at KiteParadise to immerse you in the heart of a “Biological Treasury.” Go for a 3 hours hike and discover the sacred waterfalls, chameleons, endemic birds of the island as well as mythical lemurs.

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meet the crocodiles


4 hours trip from Diego or KiteParadise.

Always considered sacred, crocodiles in Anivorano Sacred Lake represent the locals ancestors. Sacrifices, offerings and rituals are still performed around the lake to ask blessings, offsprings and prosperity.

Come and meet up with this legend which continues to animate Anivorano.

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If you are eager to experience the thrill of living in the wild you have to visit Jungle Park Ecolodge & Adventure Camp. Mat Delac's team  will take you for trekking, caving, mountainboarding, rock and even tree climbing! If you'd rather chill peacefully, the center proposes as well bush golf, SPA, massage and yoga classes.

NewSeaRoc is a paradise Island which adventure center is managed by the same passionate team.

Wether you go to the Jungle Park or New Sea Rock, don't miss the opportunity to dwell in their famous ecodomes!

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explore the neighbourhood


Hike from KiteParadise, 3 hours return.

It is the enchanting succession of the Sakalava Bay, the Dunes Bay and the Pigeons Bay. Beaches of an absolute tranquility and a wild charm are awaiting you there.

From KiteParadise you just have to walk and follow the shore to the North.


You will be amazed to discover Iharana Bush Camp. You will be warmly hosted on the edge of a lake, in front of the Tsingy massif, within a few miles distance from Mahavavy river.

This natural site is endowed with great riches and exceptional beauty. You are in the middle of nature, far away from televisions, air-conditioning and telephones. We favor charm and authenticity while reducing the impact on the environment.

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Iharana Bush Camp is the most unusual among bush camps in Madagascar. Here, artificial tents are replaced by magnificent natural cottages. The sleeping facilities consist of sixteen individual cabanas. The organic architecture is inspired by traditional Malagasy housing. The combination of skills, craft industry, arts and materials gives an original aspect to the camp, making it totally harmonious with its environment.