Frequently asked questions


We are open during all the wind season from March 20th to November 30th.

kite season

In Sakalava Bay the wind blows everyday from morning to dusk, 8 months in a row.  The kitespot is safe very safe making it the perfect spot for learning.

Kitesurfing season in Madagascar runs from late March to late November and it peaks between June and September when the wind is strongest. Wind direction in Sakalava Bay is side/side-on.

Wind speed in high season (May - September) spans between 20 - 40 knots so bring a small kite (5 - 7 m) for those strong wind days. In low season we get regular winds between 15 - 20 knots and you'll need medium to big kites.

Kitesurf gear rental

Let's know in advance what you need and we can book it for you.

Kitesurf lessons

Our partner, Kite Alize, provides kitesurfing courses per hour or per packages.

travel info

KiteParadise is located on the North shore of Madagascar, 20km away from Diego Suarez City (Antsiranana in Malagasy).

Get to Diego Suarez

  • by domestic flight from Antananarivo or Nosy Be (Air Madagascar), by international flight from La Reunion (Air Austral) or Mayotte (EWA). For instance, the plane from Antananarivo takes nearly 2 hours.

  • by road using your own car, a chartered van if you have friends or the taxi brousse. The road condition is really rough and the trip usually takes 24h from Antananariv

TIP: Coming from Asia, Kenya Airways is offering very good fares with a stopover in Nairobi whereas Air Mauritius will do a stopover in Mauritius.

TIP: Nosy Be is a beautiful island part of Madagascar, laying on the Mozambique canal. It is only 1 hour away from the West coast by ferry and then 6 hours away from Diego by road. As it is a very touristic place there are plenty of airlines going to Nosy Be from Europe and mostly from Italy.

From Diego Suarez to Sakalava Bay (15km sealed road then 4.5km sand track)

  • by 4WD
  • by taxi, usually Renault 4 :)

Let us know if you want to get a pick-up with our 4WD from Diego Suarez city or Diego Suarez Airport : 50€ for the car (4WD with capacity of 4 pax)

From Ramena to Sakalava Bay

Ramena is the small village where the boats leave/arrive to/from emerald sea.
It’s just 25min away from KiteParadise.

  • by 4WD
  • by taxi, usually Renault 4 :)

We can arrange your pick-up with our 4WD from Ramena village to KiteParadise : 35€ for the car (4WD with a capacity of 4 pax)


Yes we have free wifi at the reception and in the common areas.
It is in Madagascar : no optical fiber yet, coconut fiber only…


If you need to buy some groceries we usually go once every 2 days to Diego.
You can take the lift or we can call you a taxi if you are in a rush.

drinking water

Like in any tropical country, refrain from drinking water from the tap. We sell water bottles at the bar but we strongly advise you to keep the first one you bought and refill it from our mineral water tank. On top of helping the environment you'll save money!

bathroom water

Pumped from our drilling, it is slightly salted since we are just next to the sea.  We have pressure and hot water.

body care & personal hygiene

We provide soap and bathroom towels. (Bring your beach towel)
We have some first aid tampon and napkins.


We are 100% powered by solar panels.

Here is the power adapter you'll have to bring to use your electric devices in Madagascar :

Kitesurf Madagascar Sakalava Diego KiteParadise Outlet.jpg

Kite repair on site

Locals are amazingly handy when it comes to sew or glue. The quality is really good and the price cheap.

Night life

You’ll be the one making it!
We have a good sound system. we also have a projector to watch English movies subtitled in French. We also provide some musical instruments that you can use for your and our entertainment.
We have board games and playing cards and a small library.


We serve your breakfast on our terrace.
You can have your lunch and dinner at Kite Alize, our partner, which structure located next to us provides excellent food for a very cheap price. Full board at Kite Alize's starts from 15€.

Other restaurants

Some really good gargotes are in the fishermen village. Although the menu is very simple it is cheap and the ambiance is really friendly.


We have guards to look after your room but it is advised to leave your valuables at the safe in the lobby. In general, in Madagascar, don’t bring anything valuable.

Quiet at night?

Couldn't be more :)

Someone we could hire to take care of our children?

Let’s us know in advance and we’ll find a reliable nanny so that you can kite freely.


Masseuses will be on the beach everyday.
You can have your massage on a long chair or in your bedroom.

deposit and cancellation fees

Deposit and cancellation fees

A 30% deposit of the total amount is required to confirm your booking. 

Cancellation fees apply:

  • 30 days or beyond before the trip — the deposit is fully reimbursed
  • 29 to 22 days before the trip — 75% of the deposit is reimbursed
  • 21 to 15 days before the trip — 50% of the deposit is reimbursed
  • 14 to 8 days before the trip — 25% of the deposit is reimbursed
  • 7 days or less before the trip — the deposit will not be reimbursed

payment AT THE HOTEL

Since we haven't got a credit card terminal yet and we don't want you to carry too much cash with you while travelling, the total of your accommodation fees will be settled on your check-in date:

  1. In cash for amount less than 300 000Ar
  2. By bank transfer
  3. By Paypal (4% commission) to the account

You will settle your drinks and miscellaneous consumptions at the bar, in cash, at the end of your stay.


Madagascar currency is Malagasy Ariary (MGA). You have no ATM machine at the airport. To get some Ariarys you'll need to go downtown. The exchange rate is about 1€ for 3500Ar.
ATM machines accept VISA and MASTERCARD.
You can withdraw up to 400 000Ar each time, the equivalent of 115€ per transaction.

You'll find a Money Changer on Colbert street.


There is no mandatory injection to do when you arrive in Madagascar. It is advised to be updated with the common ones (classic diphtheria, tetanus toxoid and polio, hepatitis and typhoid).


As it is a very dry area, Diego Suarez region is one of the least concerned by malaria in Madagascar.
Ask your doctor if you want to take a preventive treatment.
The best protection against mosquitoes are long sleeves clothes at night ;)


We have a first aid kit to disinfect small wounds.
Fairly reliable new hospital is in Diego so as good doctors.