Sakalava Bay kitespot

kitesurfing & WINDSURFING IN madagascar

In Sakalava Bay the wind blows everyday from morning to dusk, 8 months in a row.  The kitespot is safe very safe making it the perfect spot for learning.

Flat water and waves
KiteParadise is located right on the kite and windsurf spot with perfect flat water just in front of your room. If you prefer to kitesurf or windsurf on waves, you can catch some surf behind the reef. The waves average 2m and break only 600m from the shore. Check out the map with Zones below.
Sakalava Bay is also perfect for kitefoiling (kitefoil) when the tide is up. (Min 15cm - max 300cm)

Wind conditions
Kitesurfing and Windsurfing season in Madagascar runs from late March to late November and it peaks between June and September when the wind is strongest. Wind direction in Sakalava Bay is side/side-on.

Wind speed in high season (May - September) spans between 20 - 40 knots so bring a small kite (5 - 7 m) for those strong wind days. In low season we get regular winds between 15 - 20 knots and you'll need medium to big kites.

Bikini and boardshorts weather! Madagascar and Sakalava bay are fairly hot all year round. Water temperature is usually about 28° Celsius but it can drop down to 23° in July and August so bring a shorty just in case.

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flat water

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20-40 knots

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23° - 28° Celsius 

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20° - 30° Celsius

kitesurfing zones

kitesurf madagascar sakalava diego kite hotel - map

Zone A

At low tide, you'll see a 200m long magnificent sand bank that stretches from the beach to the small island. Thanks to the perpendicular sand bank, Zone A becomes a very flat off-wind area with absolutely no danger since you drift to the beach.

Zone B

At low tide, zone B is a terrific flat mirror area with the steadiest wind in the bay. Kite schools only operate next to the shore, leaving  a huge playing area for all other kiters.

Zone C

At medium and high tides, this becomes the area where all wave lovers meet. Waves are usually 1.5m but they can go much higher when the swell is strong.  

Zone D

This zone is really flat at low tide but the direction of the wind, combined with the proximity of the mangrove, causes a lot of turbulence in the whole area.

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